Meditation of the god (video)
A plane without surface (photography)
People describe the world, but the world as it is (installation)
All of the paradox contains the component of the truth (video)
The reason why the past can extend to the present is because of the future of certain objects (video)
Infinitely close to finity (video)
The most amblguous sentences must contain perfect order (photography)
The cone-shaped mountain consist of the infinite possibilities (photography)
The cylinder-shaped mountain consist of the infinite possibilities (photography)
A symmetuical (installation)
Another explain to non-logical structure (photography)
The rainbow afar does not greet all the people in the world (installation)
Intersection of parallel lines (video)
Untitled-God never roll the dice because the rolling is doomed to stay away from the chance (video)
The demension of reality (video)
Infinitely close to 18% gray (Installation)

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