Works in progress

Anren Biennale / Chengdu, China/ 2017.10.27- 2018.02.28

The Rhythm of Ultimate II / Don Gallery, Shanghai, China/ 2017.09.27-10.29

Perception Field/ Mao Space, Shanghai, China/ 2017.09.10-10.08

Dark Superimpose (Part) / M Art Center, Shanghai, China/ 2017.03.04-03.31

The Rhythem of Ultimate I / Shanghai MInsheng Art MUseum, Shanghai, China/ 2016.11.10-12.09

The Rhythem of Ultimate (Preface)/ L-Art Gallery, Chendu, China/ 2016.08.20

All Paradox Contains The Component of The Truth/ AAC Art Center,Shenzhen/ 2016.05.12

Nonfigurative / Shanghai 21ST Century Minsheng Art Museum / 2015.11.21— 2016.02.28

Moving Image Art FairIstanbul2015.09.04—09.06

The Demension of RealityM50 Art Space,Shanghai2015.03.20—04.10

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