MFA   Contemporary Video, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

BA   Scuplture, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China


Solo Exhibitions


2017 The Rhythm of Ultimate II, Don Gallery, Shanghai, China

2016 The Rhythm of Ultimate I, Minshen Morden Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2015 The Reality of the Dimension III, M50, Shanghai, China





2016 The Rhythm of Ultimate (Preface), (Illusion of Reality), L-Art Gallery, China

2015 A Symmetuical, Bazaar compatible Program, Shanghai, China

2014 The Reality Of Dimension I VS II, L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

2014 The Reality of the Dimension II (Mind Over Mouth), Loftooo Gallery,Shanghai,China

2013 The Reality of the Dimension I (The Sun), Visual Art Centre,Shanghai,China




Group Exhibitions 



Jimei Arlre Photography Festival, Xiameng, China

Anren Biennale, Chengdu, China

Dark Superimpose, M Art Center, Shanghai, China



Expectation, Snap Sapce, Shanghai, China

Toward The Emergence of Resistance, Taikang Space, Beijing, China

To Gaze & To Detach(4th The Door Art), i House, Beijing, China

Off the Shore II, M Art center, Shanghai, China

Beatiful Form, Onehome Art Hotel Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Shenzhen MAF(South Chambers), Shenzhen, China

Photo Shanghai Art Fairs, Shanghai, China

Tremors of Mentality, Korea Cultrue, Shanghai, China

Hyper Text, Intelligensia Gallery, Beijing, China

Form is A Habit-Forming Drug, Intelligensia Gallery, Beijing, China

Art Basel HK Film Sector, Hong Kong Art Centre Agnes B. Cinema, Hongkong, China

We, K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China



Nonfigurative, Shanghai 21 Century Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

0.10, Unicorn Center For Art, Beijing, China

Off the Shore, M Art center, Shanghai, China

Dark Matter, A01 Space, Xian, China

Hidden Sentiment, L-art Gallery, Chengdu, China

Moving Iamge Istanbul, Kuleli Building, Istanbul, Turkey

Take In Nature, We Gallery, Shanghai, China

Secret Seeker, Inna Space, Hangzhou, China

Rhetorical Materialism, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China

Transcendence, Soho Fuxing Plaza, Shanghai, China



Study, Jewelvary, Shanghai, China

LianZhou Foto Festival 2014, Lianzhou, China

Re/structurer, I: Project Space, Beijing, China

Nihilistic Belief, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China

Personal Project/The Reality Of Dimension I VS II, L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

Mind Over Mouth, Loftooo Gallery, Shanghai, China

New Force No.3, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China



Break and Breathe-Hands On No.5, College of Fine Arts Shanghai University Museum, Shanghai, China

Filter The Public, SWFC, Shanghai, China

Evolution:A Question, Yuan Space, Beijing, China

The 3th N Minutes Video Art Festival, Shanghai, China

The Sun, Visual Art Centre, Shanghai, China

The 3th Show of AMNUA Zero/ Untitled Project#2-Encounter With “The others“, Art Museum Of Nanjing, Nanjing, China

The Image Shows-To Generate 2D Reality, Chengdu Blueroof Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

AMNUA International Poetry Festival, Art Museum Of Nanjing, Nanjing, China

Spectacle-12 Presentations Of Contemporary Museum Architecture In China, Power Station Of Art, Shanghai, China

On The Sea, J-Gallery,Shanghai,China



SEE/SAW:collective practice in china now, UCCA Comtenpory Art Center,Beijing,China

Get it louder, Liangdian Design Center,Beijing,China

Borrow Art, Shanghai,China

Shanghai comtenpory art, Shanghai,China

The 2th N Minutes Video Art Festival, Shanghai,China

The First “CAFAM Future” Exhibition, CAFA art museum Beijing, China

Social Meditation, Aike-Dellarco, Shanghai, China

FACA VIDEO PROJECT, Kulturzentrum Frust, Messe, Messehalle 6, Hannover, German

Mist Return Journey If there is no prophecy Within 3 meters Whether future effects on present God’s thoughts Details after one second Everyday, Bund18 Gallery, Shanghai, China



Shell Economic, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China

The 1st CAFAM Biennale:Super-Organism/Research and Experiment from a Specific View, CAFA Art  Museum, Beijing, China

A Museum That is not, Times Museum, Guangzhou, China

Pattern, Space Station, Beijing, China

Top Events, Top Contemporary Art Centre, Shanghai, China

N Minutes Video Art Festival, Shanghai, China

The Youth Sale Store, Art-house, Shanghai, China

Decor, Arrowfactory, Beijing, China

+Follow, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China

Refracted Realities, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China

Yunlang Project, Aike-Dellarco, Shanghai, China



Get It Louder, Sanlitun Soho, Beijing, China

Mindless But Pleased, Shift Station, Shanghai, China

Use The Hand Do The Job – Proposal Bazaar, Shift Station, Shanghai, China

About As We Talk About Art, What Are We Talking About?, BizArt Art Center, Shanghai, China

Make Over, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China





2015 Breathe Residency, CFCCA(Center For Chinese Contemporary Art ), Manchester, UK




2016 “Speculative Realism & Contemporary Art Experiment”-Pure Death: The Illusion of Vitalism and the Inhuman Splendor, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2015 Between Imagination & Truth:Video Art as Narrative Language, K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2015 The Inner Aesthetics - From The Narrative of Video, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai,China

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